Glass Bottle Crusher Machine for Safe Waste Management

High-Performance Glass Crusher Machines

Handling and disposing glass items can lead to cuts and other injuries like punctures and foreign body deposition where bits of glass can lodge within the body. Use Pioneer Group’s high-performing glass crusher machines for commercial and industrial use. Designed and developed to improve glass waste disposal, these innovative pieces of equipment will keep employees safe during operations.

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What You Get from Our Glass Crusher Machines

Save Space – A glass bottle crusher can save you 80% of the space you use for your glass waste. Rather than using valuable space storing bottles or having to continuously empty full bins, you can use the machine to dispose of bottles, jars and other wares. Once crushed, the glass debris can be bagged and deposited into the bins.

Reduce Noise – The glass bottle crusher machines we carry are often used in the hospitality industry. Employees can use them throughout business hours to reduce waste as their low noise levels will not disrupt the ambience of a restaurant or pub.

Safe and Streamlined Waste Management – A glass crusher machine keeps all glass particles and debris within the machine while they are being crushed. Also, by crushing glassware at a regular schedule, employees won't have to collect and move glass to bins or refuse storage as frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a glass crusher work?

Waste bottles, jars and other glassware are fed into the machine before they are smashed into “cullet.” These glass fragments are then dropped into the machine’s bin for collecting. Once the bin is full, you can empty it out to make room for more waste.

Where does the glass waste go after?

The glass waste, otherwise known as cullet, is collected in the machine’s bin. The PB240G glass crusher accommodates 140L to 220L wheelie bins, while the GLS (SAND) accommodates 160 small bottles or 60 big bottles at a time.

How safe is a glass crusher machine?

The glass crusher machines we carry are easy and safe to use. You simply have to feed the machine the glass waste before switching it on. At no point is the user in contact with any glass during the crushing process.   

Why should glass be crushed?

When glass waste is crushed, it becomes easier to recycle. The glass fragments transform into raw material that can be used in manufacturing new glass products. Additionally, crushed glass waste has a smaller carbon footprint than whole bottles and jars. The costs you save on storage, handling and transport directly impact how much carbon dioxide you produce as a business.

Glass Crusher Machines from Pioneer Group

Pioneer Group is one of the leading suppliers of waste and recycling equipment in New Zealand. We use our industry experience to provide companies with waste management solutions that bring value to their business.  Our selection of glass crusher machines is effective in streamlining waste management across various industries. Let Pioneer Group help you with your waste and recycling needs.

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