GLS (Sand) Glass Crusher

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An easy to operate bottle crusher that reduces glass bottles to a fine sand or grit in seconds.

This machine is a compact sand glass bottle crusher. Tested and in production the GLS is a specialty glass reduction machine designed with bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs hotels, resorts and holiday home owners in mind, located in areas where recycling is either costly or does not exist.

The simplicity of the GLS is an astounding feature. The operator simply ensures the bucket is not full and is inserted correctly, switches the machine on and feeds individual bottles through the rubber safety flap on the shoot.

The precision cut oppressors each individually balanced take care of the rest, reducing glass bottles from their full state to a fine sand or grit in a matter of seconds.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 58.1 x 48.2 x 90 cm
Size (mm)

1346H,581W,482D(Lever Up),782D(Lever Down)


160 Small Bottles or 60 Large Bottles