SHB1-600-7575 Horizontal Manual Tie Baler for Plastics

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Sku: SHB1-600-7575 Horizontal Manual Tie Baler
Product: SHB1-600-7575 Horizontal Manual Tie Baler for Plastics

This manual tie horizontal baler, also known as a semi-automatic horizontal baling machine,  is used for pressing various waste materials, including both solid and hollow plastic material.

This is widely used in a variety of facilities, such as paper/cardboard recycling facilities, carton manufacturers, printing facilities, textile waste recycling installations, distribution centres, PET bottle recycling plants, fibre processing facilities and packaging factories.

This baling machine is a good option for facilities that handle no more than 4 tons volume of waste per hour and also with a relatively low labour cost.Except for manual tying, all other processes are automatic, such as material feeding with a conveyor, compressing, bale outlet door opening and closing, and bale ejecting.

The machine can bale aluminium cans, cardboard, cellulose fibre, coco peat, disposable tableware, foam (sponge), hard plastic shell, hollow plastic (PET bottle, HDPE jar, PP container) mineral cotton fibre (asbestos) paper (ONP, OMG, Kraft paper), soft plastic (plastic film, plastic bags), synthetic fibre (polyester fibre), un-chopped straw/forage/hay (rice/wheat straw, corn silage, alfalfa, lucerne), urban waste.

It produces bale weights of 200-300Kgs.

Weight 5000 kg

1150 x 4450 x 2200 mm

Compressing Force

60 Tons

Feed Opening Size (LxH)


Bale Size


Bale Weight (approx.)

300-400 kg

Steel Wire Size


Belting Line

4 Lines

Voltage (customisable)

200-480V, 3 phase, 50Hz

Motor kW


Machine Weight (approx.)

5000 kg