Strap Chopper

Strap Chopper

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Product: Strap Chopper

The Model 300 scrap chopper is an economical “housekeeping” unit perfect for facilities with lower volumes of scrap materials.

This unit is ideal for plastic and steel banding and other lightweight scrap materials. The Model 300 is designed to fit on several Sweed stands that can accommodate a variety of scrap collection containers. Custom stands and additional safety upgrades are also available.

Material ReferenceThe following are materials commonly processed through the Model 300:

  • 3/4” x .031” steel banding with clip

  • 5/8” x .030” plastic/poly straps

  • 3/4” x .050” plastic/PET straps

Construction Features

  • CE Approved

  • Easy-to-reach “Feedworks Release” hand lever

  • Infeed funnel with “Anti-Kickback” flap

  • Knives can be rotated (4 times) for extended life

  • Made and supported in the USA

  • One-year warranty

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    Electric Motor 1/2 HP
    Electrical 1 PH - Multiple Voltages Available
    Infeed Speed 123 FPM
    Cut Length 2 5/8"
    Infeed Opening 1" W x 1 5/8" H
    Number of Stationary Knives 1
    Number of Rotating Knives 1
    Overall Chopper Dimensions 19" L x 30" W x 19" H
    Chopper Weight 136 lbs
    Chopper Shipping Weight 220 lbs