D-02A Outdoor Litter/recycling Bin

D-02A Outdoor Litter/recycling Bin

D-02A Outdoor Litter/recycling Bin


A double bin set manufactured mainly from electro-galvanised sheet and a stylish fibre plastic wood cladding. It also features a flame retardant inner bin.


  • A double bin set, manufactured mainly from electro-galvanised sheet, with higher anti-corrosion properties than normal cold rolled steel sheet.
  • Stylish fibre plastic wood exterior cladding. This is an environmentally friendly material, with much greater durability and longer lasting properties than timber.
  • The upper cover is fabricated by drawing die set, which increases the strength and avoids the corrosion of joints caused by welding.
  • Labels are anti UV, weatherproof, colourful and durable.
  • Large volume bins that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Inner bin is made of flame retardant engineered plastic to resist corrosion and fire.


  • Width: 1030 mm
  • Height: 1000 mm
  • Length: 420 mm


Total Weight: 45 kg

Additional Information

Capacity: 33L x 2

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