Recycling Bins for Internal Use

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What You Get from Internal Waste Bins

Improve Cleanliness –  By placing rubbish bins throughout your facility, you reduce clutter and improve the space’s general cleanliness. This keeps your employees' desks clutter-free, sanitised and professional.

Prevent Infestations – Inadequate numbers of rubbish bins in break and lunch rooms puts your business at risk of infestations. Having the appropriate number of waste receptacles in your facility prevents bugs and insects from gathering on rubbish that’s been left on tables and desks.

Reduce Labour – Placing rubbish bins throughout your building creates a work environment where everyone is encouraged to clean their own mess. This allows you to reduce the manpower required to constantly clean your premises.

Increase Green Awareness – Internal recycling bins are effective tools in promoting environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. By placing clearly labeled rubbish bins in your facility, employees are encouraged to segregate their waste before throwing it away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are internal waste bins different from external waste bins?

Internal waste bins are often smaller in size than their outdoor counterparts and designed to be more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, they are more mobile because they are made with lighter materials, such as recyclable polythene.

Where should internal waste bins be placed?

In an office setting, consider placing rubbish bins under every desk. For larger offices, you can place a rubbish bin at both ends of every aisle. Additionally, consider placing one in every meeting room and at least two in break rooms and canteens.

What’s the importance of recycling bins?

Utilising recycling bins allows you to improve waste management. It helps you reduce the amount of waste you bring to landfills. When employees segregate their rubbish, you can actively redirect some of your waste to recycling plants for processing. Additionally, internal recycling bins reduce the amount of work your cleaning crew has to do in segregating rubbish.

How should I choose rubbish bins?

There are three things to consider when selecting internal rubbish bins; these are location, volume and compatibility.

  • Location – Choose a rubbish bin design that suits the room it will be placed in. For the break room or canteen, choose a bin that has a lid to prevent the smell of food waste from permeating the air.
  • Volume – Choose a rubbish bin that can accommodate the waste you produce regularly. A bin that is too small will need to be emptied out more often disrupting work or taking up too much time of maintenance staff. Alternatively, a bin that is too large will take up valuable floor space and creates the possibility of rubbish lingering for too long before it is emptied.
  • Compatibility – Choose a rubbish bin that is fully functional for your operations. Some rubbish bins are equipped with automated lids. These are ideal for work environments where employees are constantly using their hands, such as kitchens or other areas where organic material is handled often.

Internal Rubbish Bins from Pioneer Group

Pioneer Group is your partner in improving waste management in the workplace. Our waste and recycling solutions have been developed to streamline processes. Browse through our selection of internal rubbish bins to find the design that is the most appropriate for your work environment.

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