How to Start Recycling in Your Workplace

Recycling bins

Pioneer Group is NZ’s premier waste and recycling bin supplier, so we definitely have a few tips up our sleeves about how to initiate a great recycling program. Something as simple as a recycling bin can make a big difference when it comes to your workplace waste management and caring for the environment.

Getting Started

  • First of all, everyone needs to be on board (your managers, cleaners, coworkers, etc) – for a recycling initiative to work, everybody has to be on the same page as one another
  • Staff need to be equipped with the knowledge on how to recycle correctly, as it’s not always obvious what can and can’t be put into the recycling bin. At Pioneer Group, we can help with developing and providing visual aids (such as stickers), to help visualise where things need to go
  • Put someone in charge of championing the recycling initiative – someone who is truly passionate about making a change, ensure that the person chosen has the freedom to make recycling fun by involving challenges and targets to involve everyone in your organisation!

Implementing The Initiative

For your recycling program to be successful, you need to ensure that everyone can easily find, access, and operate the bins. Take a look at the space you have available and then consider options that would fit well and look good in your area

  • For smaller workplaces, consider the Eco Bin 45L range – a portable bin with handles and colour coded tops. These compact bins fit nicely under desks and stacked on one another to save on space – the lids are specially designed so that they can open while stacked on one another
  • For larger sized organizations, consider looking into our range of wheelie bins we have available. We have sizes from 80L all the way up to 1100L available, in a large variety of different colours
  • For outdoor locations, consider looking into our Outdoor Bin range – one of our bestsellers in this collection are the PRS Bins (an outdoor litter bin station). These are perfect for schools and parks in particular, with there being a large variety of colours available & the ability to colour code the bin for each purpose (red for landfill, blue for glass, yellow for comingled, etc)

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