What is the Difference Between a Can Crusher and a Drum Crusher?

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To have good waste and recycling management in operation in a workplace that handles large amounts of cans, industrial drums, and plastic containers, you will need to have at least one mechanical crusher.

Mechanical crushers use powerful forces to reduce bulky waste down into small manageable sizes, pieces, or cullet suitable for recycling programs.

For your business, the goal is to reduce your waste volumes so they can be easily handled and transported.

The right crusher for your business depends on what material needs to be reduced. For example, many businesses in the construction sector will benefit from a can crusher to reduce down their paint or thinner cans, while businesses in heavy industry will get a lot more use out of a drum crusher to safely crush down the bulky drums used to transport oil, paint, and other potentially hazardous liquids.

Even though the concept is the same, can crushers and drum crushers are very different and can’t be used interchangeably. In this blog, we will look at what sets them apart.

NZ’s best waste compactorsaair operated can crushers

Can crushers flatten 1 to 6 litre paint or thinner cans by reducing their volume. Can crushers are an economical way to flatten 1 to 6 litre paint or thinner cans in one simple operation. The lever operates the crank to release compressed air from the pneumatic cylinder to move the crushing plate or ram. The ram quickly and forcefully flattens the can within the fully sealed compartment, to a size that can be easily handled and recycled, which saves you on waste disposal costs.

Check out our UCC20 Air Operated Can Crusher for a powerful solution that offers a double acting pneumatic cylinder, safety interlock, and 80% compaction rate.

FP 3000 Drum Crushers

At first glance, drums are essentially just big cans, but they play an important role in heavy industry. Drums are used to transport large quantities of oil, paint, and other often hazardous and potentially explosive liquids. For this reason, they need their own separate mechanical crusher designed to safely handle dangerous chemicals.

Drum crushers compact large plastic or metal drums and barrels. They are used to reduce drum volume by over 90% easily and safely within a fully enclosed design. Drums are compressed one at a time, with an average compression rate of up to 50 drums with a capacity of up to 200 litres per hour.

At the push of a button, drum crushers utilise a strong hydraulic pressure to flatten all types of metal and plastic. They are designed for continuous heavy duty use and built to immobilise the risk of crushing industrial drums and barrels.

Pioneer Group has heavy duty drum crushers available with extensive capabilities, strength and safety features, as well as explosion-proof (EEx) versions available.

NZ’s toughed mechanical crushers

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