Waste & recycling solutions for supermarkets

Balers are a great solution for managing waste in supermarkets and we have the highest quality range on offer in New Zealand. Balers compress cardboard, plastic, and other materials into compact bales - saving space, reducing the frequency of pickups which reduces the impact of transportation and saves on disposal costs.

V-Press 605 Eco Vertical Baler

The HSM V-Press 605 reduces the volume of cardboard or foils in an economical way.

V-Press 860 Plus Vertical Baler

With a pressing power of 594 kN and employing low-noise and energy-saving technology, the HSM V-Press 860 is the most economical and ecological solution for your waste disposal.

V-Press 1160 Plus Vertical Baler

With a maximum bale weight of 550 kg, strong pressing power and an absolutely high efficiency level, the HSM V-Press 1160 is the top-model of the HSM V-Press series.

PB300 Vertical Baler

This medium sized baler has a low height of under 2 meters, perfect where space is limited.

PB500 Vertical Baler

This baler produces a 500 kg bale or cardboard and also has a low operation height.

Recycling Rack Wall Mounted

Wall mounted recycling rack that takes reusable bags. A space saving, economical option for recycling.

Recycling Rack Free Standing

Freestanding recycling rack that takes reusable bags. A space saving, economical option for recycling.

Bin Liners

We stock a wide variety of bin liners ranging in size and colour. Available for direct purchase via our online store or contact us for larger, customised orders.

Wheelie Bins

From industrial premises to the hospitality industry, our commercial wheelie bins are the perfect solution for all your waste disposal requirements.

Wheelie Bin Tippers

Empty bins from floor level effortlessly with the simple push of a button. Bin tippers are the safe alternative with no bending or lifting required by the operator.