Heavy Duty Rubbish Bin Liners

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The Advantages of Bin Liners

Improve Sanitation – Rubbish bins without liners will become dirty almost immediately. Food and other types of wet waste often create sticky, slippery and odorous messes. A plastic bin liner keeps this mess contained and prevents it from contaminating the bin. This reduces the need to constantly clean the bin throughout the day.

Streamline Waste Collection – Plastic bin liners keep the waste secure within the bin. They reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to empty out the bins by providing a means to extract the rubbish without manipulating the whole bin.

Reduce Costs – Although purchasing plastic bin liners seems counterintuitive to saving money, it helps you reduce costs in other areas. Labour efficiency, for example, is improved as staff don’t have to transport the whole bin to empty it out. Additionally, less frequent cleaning means your staff can focus on other tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much waste can bin liners hold?

The amount of waste a bin liner can hold is directly proportional to the size of the rubbish bin. Make sure though, that you use a bin liner that reaches the bottom of the bin. This maximises your use of the bin liner and prevents the liner from having to support weight for prolonged periods.

What do the different colours indicate?

Pioneer Group carries bin liners that come in three distinct colours: black, clear and green.

  • Black Bin Bags – These bin bags are designed to carry general waste. The rubbish that falls under this category includes used tissues, food packaging, lolly wrappers, crisp packets and floor sweepings.
  • Clear Bin Bags – These bin bags are made to carry dry recycling. These include paper, cardboard, metal (such as clean food tins) and plastic. The clear plastic makes it easier for waste management services to identify recyclables.
  • Green Bin Bags – These bin bags have no specific waste requirement. Rather, they are often used to carry waste that doesn’t fall under the previous two bin bag categories.

How often should liners be changed?

Typically, bin liners are replaced when they are full. But doing so can lead to instances where general waste is left too long in the liners. This will result in sanitation issues such as rotting food waste. If your bins don’t fill frequently throughout the day, changing bin liners once or twice a day should be adequate to maintain sanitation.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Bin Liners from Pioneer Group

Pioneer Group provides equipment and supplies for better waste management. We use our combined years of experience and expertise to develop solutions that address common pain points. Let us help you improve your waste collection process with our heavy duty bin liners. 

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We truly take the stress out of waste management for you by providing the most effective solutions available. Whatever your needs are, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at the Pioneer Group.