How Important is it to Buy a Polystyrene Waste Compactor?

Compacted polystyrene

One of the most popular products at Pioneer Group is our expandable polystyrene compactors (EPS). For good reason, too. EPS is an environmentally hazardous product that requires careful waste management. Thankfully, it’s easy to effectively manage and recycle polystyrene when you have a compactor.

However, EPS is so common that many of us don’t realise how harmful it can be. For those who need a refresher course on the importance of proper polystyrene management, read on.

What is expandable polystyrene?

EPS, also known by its trademark name Styrofoam, is a petroleum-based plastic compound made from styrene monomers.

Expandable polystyrene is immediately recognisable because it’s an extremely lightweight white material and commonly found in packaging.

The reason expandable polystyrene is so light is it’s composed of about 95% air. Yet despite its lightness, it provides good insulation and maintains its form for long periods. Polystyrene is also unsinkable, does not degrade over time, and can only be destroyed by being incinerated at extremely high temperatures.

What is the impact of expandable polystyrene on the environment?

EPS can have a severely negative impact on the environment.

Not only is expandable polystyrene a choking hazard for animals; polystyrene that is burned at normal fire temperatures releases toxic pollutants such as carbon black and carbon monoxide. Expandable polystyrene can also release toxic chemicals when exposed to sunlight in landfills.

It is unknown how long it takes for polystyrene to degrade. Most experts estimate that it takes around 500 years. For this reason, it’s very important to recycle polystyrene rather than introduce more polystyrene into the environment.

Finally, thanks to its bulky nature, polystyrene takes up a huge amount of space in our landfills, oceans and waterways - unless it is properly compacted, recycled or professionally destroyed.

How can an expandable polystyrene compactor help?

Compactors keep polystyrene away from the natural environment by transforming large amounts of polystyrene waste into small, easy-to-transport blocks that are suitable for recycling programs.

How can an expandable polystyrene compactor benefit my business?

Pioneer Group’s compactors manage both wet and dry polystyrene and other densifier foam waste with maximum efficiency to save on multiple costs.

Our machines compact at a volume reduction of up to 40:1 and do so at incredibly fast rates with minimal maintenance requirements.

Better yet, as compared to other compactors on the market, our compactors offer straightforward operation, which makes loading and compacting a breeze.

Our compactors are perfect for businesses of many different sizes who want to get serious about recycling and waste management.

Finally, despite the powerful compaction forces, our machines densify the expanded foams without changing its colour. White material will stay white to ensure you receive the maximum revenue for your compacted material.

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