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What You Get from External Waste Bins

Reduce Labour – Maintaining your external premises takes up valuable time and money. Our bins reduce the amount of cleaning work by encouraging staff and visitors to properly dispose of rubbish.

Prevent Infestations – Rubbish has a tendency to attract animals and other pests, such as invasive bugs and insects. Even if the waste is contained in bags, resourceful animals are can still get to it. Secure rubbish from animals with our external bins.

Convenience and Safety – Without the proper waste receptacles, people may be tempted to discard their rubbish on your walkways or around your property. These can present tripping hazards or and are unsightly. Encourage visitors and staff to maintain a clean environment with prominent well-placed bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are external waste bins different from internal waste bins?

External waste bins are made to be more durable than internal waste bins. External bins are subject to harsher conditions, such as heavy rains, hailstorms and the threat of vandalism. Our bins are made with heavy duty polyethylene plastic that has been treated to be UV and moisture resistant.

What are the different kinds of external waste bins?

Pioneer Group has a wide selection of external waste bins. They vary in design, size, colour and specific uses.

  • PRS BIN – A 60 L bin with a robust galvanised stand for easy installation.
  • PRS4 QUAD OUTDOOR LITTER BIN – A four-bin recycling station made up of 60 L receptacles.
  • D-02 OUTDOOR LITTER BIN – A double-bin set made with electro-galvanised steel that can carry two 36 L bags of rubbish.
  • WHEELIE BINS – A selection of vertical and horizontal rubbish bins that are equipped with wheels for easier transportation.

Where should external waste bins be placed?

Your external waste bins should be placed where there is a large amount of foot traffic. If you have a large facility, you will likely need more than one set. Multiple bin placement increases convenience by providing easy access to bins wherever someone needs one. Easily access to bins encourages people to use them.

Why get recycling bins instead of a single large bin?

Although there is nothing wrong with a single rubbish bin, a set of recycling bins improves your waste management process. Additionally, it makes waste segregation easier as people are encouraged to dispose of their waste in the appropriate receptacle.

External Waste and Recycling Bins from Pioneer Group

Pioneer Group provides businesses across New Zealand with waste and recycling solutions that improve their operations. We curated our selection of external rubbish bins to address common needs in waste management. These include proper waste segregation, usability, durability and weather proofing. We take a hands-on approach to make sure clients get the solutions they are looking for.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about these products. We will gladly answer any of your enquiries. Simply call us on 0508 474 66 337  or send an email to

We truly take the stress out of waste management for you by providing the most effective solutions available. Whatever your needs are, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at the Pioneer Group.