Hook Lift Bins

Dealing with tonnes of waste is difficult and time-consuming, taking your staff away from completing other important tasks and sometimes even getting in the way of operations. Consider hook bins for more efficient waste collection and transportation.

Hook lift bins are heavy-duty collection and transportation equipment designed for large volumes of waste. They are suitable for handling general waste, construction rubbish and other recyclable materials. 

At Pioneer Group, we offer hook lift bins in a range of sizes, cubic capacities and models to suit your business needs. We have sourced these products from major manufacturers in New Zealand and Europe. Easy-to-load and top-quality, these bins can also be painted to a specific colour to suit your brand image. 

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The hook, being a lifting point on one end, makes the bin easy to load, whether you use a truck or trailer. Our hook bins are also available with certified crane lifting points for more difficult sites. Unlike a skip (gantry bin), the hook bin is high-sided on all sides, which allows for even and transportable waste storage. The trip to landfill or recycling area will be trouble free as you won’t need to worry about spillage.

At Pioneer Group, we supply hook skip bins for a range of commercial, residential and industrial uses. Our open-top hook lift bins for sale are made right here in New Zealand and are finished to the highest standards. All Pioneer Bins are manufactured for strength, versatility and ease of use.

Need a specific colour? All our bins are abrasive — blasted and painted in RAL to suit your requirements. We also manufacture closed-top compactor bins, which are also available in a colour of your choice to ensure a top-quality finish every time.

Our team can manufacture hook bins of any size, large or small to suit your requirements. Our products are ideal for handling waste in construction and demolition sites.


Hook bins are handy to use on site for everything — from building renovations to commercial waste removal. Some advantages are:

  • Walk-in / walk-out easy access
  • Front ladder
  • Doors fold back and to the side
  • Easy-to-load using machinery via the hook
  • The bottom frame lifts the bin off the ground to minimise site damage

Check out our range of hook bins today. We’re set to have a size to meet your requirement or if you have any questions, please call 0508 474 66337 or contact us here.