Cardboard Shredders & Granulators

With the right equipment, you can cut the cost of your cardboard waste collection and simplify its disposal. Pioneer Group offers a range of industrial, compact cardboard shredder machines and bulk cutters. 

Our cardboard shredders and cutters help reduce your business’ carbon footprint in more ways than one. With these products on-site, you minimise waste you need to send to the landfill. By shredding cardboards, you get to transport more waste in one trip and reduce fuel consumption of your waste disposal fleet. We also offer machines that repurpose waste cardboard into high quality packaging materials, such as void fill and padding mats. 

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Reduce Carbon Footprint with Eco-Friendly Cardboard Waste Disposal

Light, easy-to-use and recyclable, cardboard boxes are popular packaging material in many industries. Handling and recycling used boxes, however, create a logistical challenge. Most paper shredders can’t process cardboard waste. Flattened cardboard boxes take up space both in storage and during collection. If your volumes of waste have increased and costs in managing this waste is rising, we have solutions.

Why use cardboard shredders?

At Pioneer Group, we offer a range of shredders and cutters designed to process cardboard waste. These are industrial-grade products but are compact enough to fit into your space and simplify the entire process of waste disposal. They turn cardboard boxes into chips and strips that can be used as void fill material to protect goods in transit. They don’t only help reduce the volume of landfill waste but also lower your packaging costs.

What about cardboard perforators?

Our company also offers cardboard perforators, which turn boxes into elastic, mesh netting that could work as padding mats. The output has more cushioning characteristic than cardboard strips and chips. You can place it on the bottom of the box or use it to wrap goods to protect them while in transit.

Partner with Pioneer Group

Whether you need industrial cardboard shredder machines or perforators in your business, turn to Pioneer Group. Our range includes compact, high-performance machines with adjustable cutting speeds and powerful motors. We only source machines from major manufacturers in New Zealand and Europe to ensure superior quality. And if you need help choosing the right machine, our team is here to guide you.

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