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Sku: EPS3000 Cobalt EPS Compactor

The EPS3000 has a standard hopper which enables it to take slabs of 1200mm wide. The polystyrene is crumbled by a pre-shredder which is built into the hopper producing pieces of around 8cm square.

These pieces then fall into the crushing chamber and are compacted whilst being forced through an adjustable tube. The EPS3000 will compact polystyrene at a volume reduction of around 40:1 and at a rate of 180-250 Kgs per hour, which realistically is as fast as an operator can feed it.

It is ejected as a dense square block which can be easily stacked on to a pallet. There is an option of ejecting the compacted material into a polythene tube which can then be sealed ensuring a clean hygienic area. Once compacted the waste can be easily handled in a pallet.

The EPS3000 model has been specially designed to make a compacted block that will stack perfectly into a container. This will ensure a maximum payload is maintained for export.

  • Suitable for Polypropylene (EPP) Packaging, EPS Polystyrene Fish Boxes, Polyurethane Packaging, EPS Polystyrene Packaging, Polyurethane Insulation Foam, EPS Dust
  • Optimum compaction performance with fast, continuous throughput.

The Cobalt EPS compactor has been developed with advanced technology that makes it capable of compacting large throughputs of material. It has the ability to maintain a high compaction rate throughput operation on a continuous basis.

In addition, the Cobalt EPS compactor is a very low maintenance machine.
These compactors are especially designed for densifying packaging foams, a difficult material which it compacts at a volume reduction of up to 40:1 and does so at incredibly fast throughput rates. These machines are also suitable for EPP foam and polyurethane.

These machines, despite the powerful compaction forces, will actually densify the expanded foams without changing the colour. White material will stay white to ensure you receive the maximum revenue for the compacted material.