PAL430 Plastic Pallet Bin 430 Litre

PAL430 Plastic Pallet Bin 430 Litre

PAL430 Plastic Pallet Bin 430 Litre

A stackable double-skinned 430L pallet bin for harsh environments. Can be factory foam filled for high insulation, made from tough high-density material. A heavy-duty, double skinned pallet bin designed for the harshest of environments. This bin can be factory foam filled for high insulation properties.

It is made from a tough, high-density material means a longer life even at extremely low temperatures. It is easy to clean and maintain meaning a longer service life and higher levels of hygiene are maintained.


  • This price does not include the 750L pallet bin lid, this price only includes 750L Pallet Bin base.
  • Price of lid: $288.00 
  • These products are often made to order, so will often not be shipped immediately - please contact us for a lead time before ordering if you require it quickly



  • Stackable with or without a lid
  • Double-walled bin that can be insulated further with polyurethane foam
  • High impact, low-density polyethylene
  • Smooth inside and out, with no sharp corners to trap dirt and other contaminants
  • Food Grade Material


  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 580 mm


Total Weight: 37 kg

Additional Information

  • Shipping Weight: 37 KG
  • Shipping Volume: 0.66 cubic meters
  • Material: FDA & EU approved food-grade, low-Density Polyethylene
  • Capacity: 430 L
  • Industries: Fishing, Meat, Food Ingredients, Fruit & Vegetable, Viticulture, Manufacturing

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