PBS13 - 13mm Bale Strap

PBS13 - 13mm Bale Strap

PBS13 - 13mm Bale Strap


13mm polyester tape is an ideal solution for baling strap. It is wider and stronger than the 9mm baling strap, but still cost effective. Made of high tenacity polyester yarns it is very strong yet more flexible and much safer to handle.

Product Description

Minimises injury, absorbs shock loads, cost effective throwaway strap, easy handling, rust proof, weather resistant, strong and lightweight.


  • Width: 400 mm
  • Height: 210 mm
  • Length: 310 mm


Total Weight: 10 kg

Additional Information

  • Length: 500M
  • Breaking Strength: 384 kg
  • Spools Per Box: 4

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