3 Considerations in Choosing the Right Shredder for Your Business

Shredded paper in a bin

Shredders help different organisations manage excess paper, packaging and other material. They can be very cost-effective, especially if they’re used to recycle packaging for your goods and can play a big part in any drive not only for better security and privacy, but also for greener operations.

Before setting aside a portion of the budget for a shredder, it’s important for businesses to determine exactly what the machine will be used for as there are a range of machines which deal in manage paper, cardboard and other waste.

Will it be just paper and cardboard or will there be other tougher materials that need shredding? A paper shredder might be the solution for many applications. However, some businesses may require a heavy-duty shredder that can take in several documents and objects such as credit cards or DVDs at the same time.

If you work in a facility that processes a lot of cardboard boxes and it’s becoming a challenge disposing of them, you’ll need a heavy duty cardboard shredder.

Recycling and environmental impact

Shredders like the hsm profipack 425 cardboard shredder turns cardboard waste into quality packaging material for void fill, padding matt or product protection. This type of shredder produces neatly perforated and flexible cardboard.

In addition, these types of machine not only help businesses comply with government waste legislation, they can also cut costs on expensive materials like single-use plastic packaging.

Cutting type and security

Private and government offices produce several confidential documents that need to be destroyed when they are no longer required. There are generally three types of cut that provide different levels of security.

Shredding machines can produce:

  • Strip cuts, resulting in rectangular sheets
  • Cross cuts, resulting in varied shapes and sizes
  • Micro or ground cuts, resulting in extremely tiny fragments of materials

Strip cuts will make the destroy a document but it provides the lowest level of security. Cross cuts make it much trickier for any document to be salvaged as instead of strips, you now have a jigsaw of tiny paper bits. Micro or ground cuts, in effect obliterate the paper making any attempt at reconstruction futile.

Keep in mind that there will be some dust when using shredders that pulverizes the material. If you intend to keep your office or workplace neat and tidy, it may be better to avoid these options or place them in an area where they will not affect other workers.

Commercial paper shredders with high capacity bins are efficient at disposing several documents at a time. For relatively small offices that also deal with private financial details, proprietary information and other sensitive documents, there are smaller paper shredders that are more suitable and cost-efficient.

Pioneer Group can help you find the right shredder

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Our products help you cut costs, improve business productivity and reduce the waste that goes into our landfills.

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