The Double Bottom Line: How Waste Reduction Can Hit 2 Targets

Waste on pallets

A zero-waste policy is still an important aim, even in the light of recent global events. As more industries have become more aware of the connection between environmental degradation and business continuity, businesses have been finding ways to adapt.

Whether in retail, commerce or transportation, businesses are now looking for ways to improve sustainability in their processes without compromising growth.

How can businesses benefit from the increased focus in achieving zero waste?

Meeting new consumer demand

Your establishment could solidify customer loyalty or convert new customers as a result of implementing sustainable measures.

Consumers nowadays are much more concerned about the impact of business processes on the environment. The increased accessibility of information, as well as the improved capacity to share this data, can shine a highly scrutinising spotlight on businesses.

An establishment could potentially go out of business if people find out that they’ve acted in a way that jeopardises the environment. Likewise, businesses stand to enhance their reputation with greener practises. People now demand more accountability from businesses both small and large.

Reducing costs in supplies and equipment

Saving on expenses by being greener isn’t anything new. Your business or establishment can save a lot of money from recycling, reducing and reusing waste.  

In any business, there is bound to be an area where there is an excess of materials. If more paper could be recycled or the use of digital documents encouraged, the impact on forests and the environment because of the paper making process would be significant.

Investing in a cardboard shredder like an HSM ProfiPack 425 means a lot less cardboard being thrown away. Cardboard can be reused as packaging materials and help you packing and shipping costs.

Improving morale

When employees know that in some small way, they are making a difference, it can help your business improve company morale, which can contribute to overall business performance. 

Just like consumers, employees are also people who are now more critical and vocal about issues around sustainability. 

You’ll often see on the internet some staff members of known companies post about how their teams are making efforts to comply with sustainability standards. And on the opposite side of that conversation, there are often published views that criticise a company’s lacklustre efforts. 

Employees’ affinity to sustainability issues can have both a negative and positive impact on your ability to serve customers and achieve overall business goals.  

Reducing risks and liabilities future

Disposing waste illegally or violating landfill restrictions has dire consequences for businesses. If not levied immediately, penalties could haunt a business much later on in the future when management least expects them.

In the past few decades, New Zealand has further intensified its efforts in managing and minimising waste throughout the country. The government has been constantly reminding territories and businesses about the shared responsibility of preserving the environment. 

We are doing our part

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