Will a Cardboard Shredder Rip Your Margins? 2 Reasons Why a Shredder is Worth the Investment

General waste pile

Your business has a lot of excess packaging materials and one item sticks out: cardboard. There’s heaps of the stuff and it's becoming troublesome and expensive disposing of it. And we haven’t even taken into account the other materials you’re generating on a daily basis.

Many employees just dump the rubbish in the first bin they can find, but already the sheer volume of your waste material is making this practice unsustainable. There are other options. You could invest in a cardboard shredder but is it worth the money? Here are two ways a shredder can make all the difference to your business.

Transforms rubbish into material for shipping, packaging and other uses

cardboard boxes With hundreds or maybe even thousands of cardboard boxes lying around, there’s an opportunity to turn that material into something your plant facility or delivery business can use. You can convert excess cardboard into packaging material for the products you transport to customers.

There are different kinds of cardboard shredders out there and you might come across a type that just shreds material into tiny fragments which are so small that they really are of no practical use.

But then there are other shredders that do not totally obliterate the material. For instance, the hsm profipack 425 cardboard shredder, shreds cardboard by neatly perforating it. The end product is a flexible cardboard material that can be used as packing material for products.

With an abundant supply of repurposed cardboard, you can eliminate the use of one-time-use styrofoam and plastics. You no longer need to allocate a significant portion of the budget to the purchase of wasteful packaging materials. The benefits of investing in a cardboard shredder for your facility provides continuous and increasing returns.

Reduces the environmental impact of business operations

As consumers and the business community become more ecologically conscious, the government has implemented initiatives and drives to protect New Zealand's unique environment. Business needs to do its part and find efficient waste solutions that preserve nature for future generations.