Getting The Most Out Of Your Scrap Bins!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Scrap Bins!

Do you want to get the most out of your Scrap Metal Bin?
It’s all about working smarter, not harder! Any size scrap bin can be filled to its full potential, but it’s all about how you pack it. 
No matter the size – utilise!

Load it up!

If you load your skip properly, you’ll not only be able to fit more in, but you’ll eliminate the need for a second skip (saving extra $$$). 
Not only that, but a properly loaded skip will keep yourself and the people who remove your skip bin safe.

Break it up!

Sometimes we have no choice but to throw away bulky items or larger pieces. 
The ideal way to maximise space is to break up what you can. Use a hand-held power grinder to carefully cut down larger pieces. ALWAYS ensure correct safety measures are used when dealing with scrap metals (safety goggles, gloves, etc). Breaking up large items into smaller pieces will be much more effective than simply using the cram and jam method.
Be sure that you, or a friend, have the necessary knowledge before beginning as metal shards and splinters can cause great harm to yourself and those around you!

Stack as you pack!

Organising your bin properly is a serious game of strategy… like Tetris or a puzzle board.
Before you go off gung-ho and carelessly start tossing, know what you’re going to throw out, then arrange it in a way that will maximise the space. 
Best practice is to work the edges first (in this case the heavy and flat items) which go at the bottom and sides of the bin. Then you’ll have plenty of room for all the smaller pieces to go in the middle!

Sort it out!

If you have a scrap metal bin, ensure you and your team treat it as such. The same goes for paper, cardboard and general waste. This saves time for you and the emptying service whilst also reducing your impact on landfill – minimising your carbon footprint.
If you have a bin that’s solely for recycling bottles or metals, you should also ensure that it’s labelled. If you can’t label the bin, make sure everyone knows which bin is assigned to which category.

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So there you have it, get more bang for your buck when you hire a skip bin and follow our handy tips! 
Pioneer Group offers a massive range of bins to suit any of your waste management needs.  Contact us today for more information on our wide selection of bins.