Why do I need a Can Crusher?

Why do I need a Can Crusher?

Can you crush it? Yes you Can!!  

With the Can crusher from Pioneer Group, you can take care of your can crushing needs.

Crush and crunch down empty paint tins of up to 30 litres, this fully automatic machine makes recycling a breeze complete with safety locks it is the most economical way to crush tins and cans.

“Less mess less stress!”

What are the benefits of having a can crusher?

Crush your cans in style with this mini compactor. Encourage your employees to recycle and cut down on their waste while spreading environmental awareness throughout your workplace. Saving you time and effort and reducing the size of your landfill.

What does a can crusher do?

A Can crusher compacts multiple cans such as paint tins and drums and squashes them down into a flat piece of material, reducing the amount of volume of your waste material.

Can anyone use a can crusher?

Can crushers be used by almost anyone, so simple to clean and you don’t require any training. With the Can Crusher you can crush from one litre tins to up to 30 litre tins, making it the perfect way to save on money, space, time, and efficiency.

How can this help the environment?

Reducing your landfill reduces your carbon footprint. The smaller the waste you produce, the less landfill you create. Crushing your waste and recycling where possible limits your landfill input. This means the waste collection company comes less frequently cutting down on transport costs while keeping your establishment cleaner and the environment greener.

Can this save money?

Cutting down on costs left, right and centre, a can crusher will be the best investment you ever make. With less waste, fewer collections are conducted which means you can reduce the amount you spend on this service. With no electrical maintenance, these innovative machines basically run on their own!

Pioneer group’s can crushers

With safety locks and a fully automatic working cycle, our UCC20 Air Operated Can Crusher is innovative and convenient.

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