Maximise Your Squash Potential

Maxi Squash 1000

The Maxi Squash 1000 is a Pioneer Group designed and manufactured product.  Maxi Squash is made from rotomoulded plastic that's designed to help you compress the volume of waste in your scrap bins.
The Maxi Squash 1000 is the most innovative forklift companion on the market. Are your scrap bins overflowing? Are you struggling with space?

Pioneer Group has the perfect solution for you! 
In this blog, we show you how this forklift companion works, and how to best maximise space in your bin.

How does the Maxi Squash 1000 work?

Flatten your concerns!

This space-saving bin is transported empty to keep your freight costs down. It can be filled with whatever you like when it arrives on site.  From dirt to sand, gravel, concrete or heavy metal materials.

 A steel lifting frame is mounted onto the innovative bin, allowing a forklift to pick it up with ease.

For assembly, attach the machine using the forklift pins and secure it with the chain for extra security.

Lower the Maxi Squash over your bins and watch as it crushes softwood pallets, cardboard drums and any packaging, waste or recycling materials.

The weight of the filled Maxi Squash packs down and compresses just about anything!

How does Maxi Squash benefit the environment?

Compacting waste this means that less rubbish is transported off site.

You can have bins collected when you need, rather than on weekly or even daily contract cycles.

With less waste to be moved around, the number of trucks on the roads is reduced and your transport emissions are significantly minimised. This modern waste management system can also be used over and over again. It can be filled with almost anything heavy that you have on-site, making it a sustainable addition to any establishment.

The space saving benefits

Maximising the space in your establishment and diminishing the possibility of an overflow of rubbish, the Maxi Squash 1000 allows you to contain a higher volume of rubbish.

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With the ability to be used over and over again, this is the forklifting companion of the future. Contact Pioneer Group to order one today!