Efficient Waste Disposal with Ezy Squeeze

Efficient Waste Disposal with Ezy Squeeze

Maximise space and compact your waste!

Introducing Ezy Squeeze - a brightly coloured bin buddy that simply attaches to your wheelie bin and increases bin capacity by 50%!

An overflowing bin can be super frustrating, especially when trying to minimise
rubbish collections and reduce your waste disposal costs.

Ezy Squeeze makes waste disposal a whole lot simpler it is used to compress the waste in your wheelie bins.

Great for elderly or those that struggle with bending down due to injury or medical conditions.

What is Ezy Squeeze!

Ezy squeeze operation

Ezy Squeeze is the unique wheelie bin companion! suitable for any 80 to 240L wheelie bin.

Lightweight and easy to operate, this compacting tool simply clips onto the lid of your bin, swings over and presses down the waste.

No need to remove the compactor after use as it can be stored at the back of your bin by hanging it from the bin handles.

How to operate Ezy Squeeze!

In one swift, easy motion, swing Ezy Squeeze over your bin to push the rubbish further down.

Compressing the rubbish will minimise the quantity of the bins you need on site by maximising the amount each bin can carry.

Fill them up, squish them down, and fill them up all over again!

Throw it all out in one go!

More space means less mess, less stress!

With the help of Ezy Squeeze you’ll be able to throw away all your rubbish in one go. Not only will you save money on less bin collections, but it also means that less rubbish is transported off site.

This results in less trucks on the road, ultimately minimising emissions. It’s also a product which can be used repeatedly, across any 80 - 240L wheelie bin you have onsite. They are durable, long-lasting and easy to store.

Avoid bending your back!

Bending over and pushing all the rubbish down inside the bin can risk putting strain on your body and cause injury - particularly for the elderly or those who struggle with back problems.

Ezy Squeeze is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, saving you from having to do that back-breaking work.  

Ezy Squeeze can be pushed down with the handle from the outside of the bin.

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