Efficient Waste Disposal with Ezy Squeeze

Efficient Waste Disposal with Ezy Squeeze

Maximise space and compact your waste!

Introducing Ezy Squeeze - a brightly coloured bin buddy that simply attaches to your wheelie bin and increases bin capacity by 50%! An overflowing bin can be super frustrating, especially when trying to minimise rubbish collections and reduce your waste disposal costs.

The Ezy Squeeze makes waste disposal a whole lot simpler it is used to compress the waste in your wheelie bins, which is great for elderly or those that struggle with bending down due to injury or medical conditions.

🌈 What is the Ezy Squeeze? 🌈

Ezy squeeze operation

The Ezy Squeeze is the unique wheelie bin companion that attaches easily to wheelie bins ranging from 80 to 240 liters. This lightweight and easy-to-operate compactor increases bin capacity drastically, making waste disposal simpler and more efficient.

🌎 How to Operate the Ezy Squeeze! 🌎

With one swift motion, swing the Ezy Squeeze over your bin to compress the waste, minimizing the need for frequent collections. No need to remove the compactor afterward – simply hang it from the bin handles for easy storage so it’s available on hand when you need it again.

♻️Why Choose the Ezy Squeeze? ♻️


  • Save Money: Less frequent bin collections mean reduced disposal costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Fewer trucks on the road, minimizing emissions.
  • Reusable: Durable and long-lasting, suitable for any 80-240L wheelie bin.
  • Avoid Injury: The Ezy Squeeze eliminates the need for bending down, protecting your back from any extra strain (perfect for those with disabilities, back injuries and elderly people!)

Start saving space, energy and money with the Ezy Squeeze - contact us today!