Renting vs Buying Balers - What You Need To Know

Renting vs Buying Balers - What You Need To Know

If your company is producing significant amounts of plastic/cardboard waste, then you should definitely consider investing in a baler – but did you know that some of our most popular balers are available for medium to long term rent? Compared to buying upfront, renting provides greater flexibility and cost effectiveness - which is an attractive option for many reasons!

How can I benefit from renting a baler?

Financial Savings: By opting for a rental, you can spread out the investment cost over time, preserving more cash flow within your business and providing greater financial flexibility. Additionally, you can take advantage of rebates offered for baled recyclables, with specific amounts varying based on the company, location, and market value.

Flexibility: If you find that you need to upgrade, downgrade, or no longer require a baler after your rental term, you have the freedom to adjust your equipment according to your changing needs. This flexibility allows you to adapt your machinery to match your evolving business requirements over time.

Maintenance: Renting a baler means that if it breaks down, you’re less liable to pay the costs to get it repaired/serviced as the machine isn’t owned by you – although take into consideration that if the damage was caused due to operator error, you may be liable to cover the cost of repair – all of the terms and conditions will be detailed in your rental contract.

How can I benefit from buying a baler?

Security: Companies with sufficient capital may prefer to purchase their own baler for the peace of mind that comes with full ownership. Buying a baler is an excellent choice for companies with a proven track record of stable business operations and a consistent waste production rate expected to remain steady in the foreseeable future.

Stability: Owning a baler provides complete control over its use and maintenance schedule, allowing you to make independent decisions. While you'll be responsible for maintenance and repairs, this ownership offers stability and the freedom to manage the baler according to your preferences and needs.

Financial Gains: Owning a baler, like renting one, can generate income through rebates on baled recyclables, although the return on investment may take longer due to the upfront purchase cost. The rebate amount can vary based on the company, location, and market value. Despite the initial investment, having a baler is much more cost-effective than not having one at all.

Still unsure whether you should rent or buy a baler?

Renting a baler is a sensible choice for some companies, particularly if it's their first time using this equipment in their facility. On the other hand, purchasing a baler outright is a practical option for other companies, especially those with the capital to make upfront payments and a clear expectation of consistent waste production in the foreseeable future.

If you’re still going back and forth between the idea of renting or purchasing a baler, why not chat with one of our expert team members for some free advice? Contact us at Pioneer Group to discuss your options today!