Improve the Safety of Your Waste Management with Bin Tippers

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Wheelie bins form an integral part of any commercial waste management system. Wheelie bins enable you and your staff to easily handle and contain rubbish in a controlled and sanitary manner. However, when your wheelie bins become full, their weight can be substantial. This represents a safety hazard to any staff attempting to empty your wheelie bins into a larger skip bin before collection. From the point of view of good ergonomics, the weight of bins can put an unhealthy amount of pressure on the spine when being lifted. This is why many commercial businesses invest in a bin tipper.

Bin tippers (also known as bin lifters) provide mechanical lifting, tipping and lowering at the push of a button. Bin tippers decrease your risk of injury and streamline the waste management process.

Pioneer Group offers a range of versatile bin tippers to suit your business. Our bin tippers are customisable and compact, offering you the greatest level of convenience.

Let’s look in more detail at how a bin tipper can improve the operational safety and efficiency of your business.

Improve waste management ergonomics

Bin tippers are an effective solution to dealing with the weight and inconvience of emptying wheelie bins. However, not all bin tippers are created equally. Bin tippers must follow the standards that apply to mechanical aids.

In the Manual Handling Code of Practice, section B.4 outlines the implementation of controls for mechanical handling. Appropriate mechanical aids are understood to:

  • Effectively reduce manual handling
  • Be suitable for the task
  • Have adequate space to safely operate

A poorly chosen bin tipper will contravene all three recommendations, and potentially do more harm than good.

While possible controls include splitting waste into smaller units so that your bins are less full, and therefore easier to lift, this approach is unlikely to be convenient for a busy business, and also has the disadvantage of being time consuming.

There is also no guarantee that the act of raising and tipping lighter bins will not result in injuries, given that the lifting and tipping positions can be awkward.

This is why many businesses prefer bin tippers, to ensure staff safety and proper ergonomics when managing waste.

Manage heavy waste easily

Bin tippers safely lift and empty bins of all sizes up to 300 kilograms in weight. This is extraordinary manpower, achieved at the push of a control button.

Wheelie bins need only be wheeled into the cradle or cage, and once secure, the bin tipper does the rest.

At Pioneer Group, our bin tippers can be customised to suit wheelie bins of all sizes and, thanks to their durable galvanised frames, are virtually maintenance free.

Our bin tippers have a weight capacity of up to 250kg (or 300kg with small modifications) and the basic design can be modified to suit a wide range of bin sizes, shapes, and weights.

In short, our range of bin tippers remove the need for the manual lifting of extremely heavy materials and protect the safety of staff while being fast and efficient to use.

Finally, your waste tipper should be light and easy to move, as to not represent an occupational risk itself. Pioneer Group bin tippers are strong, yet lightweight - and easy to manoeuvre.

More effective tipping

Tipping height is an important consideration when choosing a bin tipper machine. Bin tippers must be capable of reaching a height that enables effective bin emptying via gravity. This also ensures that there is no unwanted debris outside of the skip bin due to a poor tipping angle.

The standard operational height is 1.2 metres, but custom models can offer heights up to 1.6 metres to cover virtually all applications.

Tipping heights should be assessed in conjunction with weight requirements and container compatibility. At Pioneer Group, we excel at matching the right bin tipper with your waste requirements.

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