Getting The Most Out Of Waste Management

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The effective management of commercial waste doesn’t just begin and end with your rubbish and recycling bins. Waste management products such as shredders, glass crushers, can crushers, and commercial waste compactors may all be necessary to ensure your waste management system is efficient, safe, sanitary, and secure.

Here at Pioneer Group NZ we are experts in effective waste management systems and equipment, designed to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business and also reduce your carbon footprint.
Aside from investing in high quality wheelie bins, external and internal recycling bins, it pays dividends in convenience and efficiency to include other waste management products in your budget.

In our experience, one or more of the following waste management products are likely to benefit your day-to-day business operations, depending on what kind of waste your business produces, as well as the quantity of your waste output.

Cardboard and Plastic Balers

Waste balers are used to compact waste materials down into “bales”. Bale strapping is then fed through the baler, which in turn securely wraps your bales so that they’re easily transportable. Compacted waste is also much easier to store. Compacting waste into bales greatly reduces rubbish volume by as much as 85% which results in far fewer waste collections or trips to the recycling and waste plant. This has the clear benefit of saving you money, as well as turning your commercial waste problem into a streamlined and more environmentally friendly solution.

Glass Crushers

Glass crushers are used to pulverise glass, turning bulky glass bottles into small, manageable fragments called cullet. In many cases, this cullet can then be reprocessed into new bottles.

Importantly for businesses, glass crushers reduce the risk of cuts and other injuries associated with handling glass waste. Our Glass Bottle Crusher is purpose built to provide maximum safety for employees, while also being easy to store and quietly operating, as compared with other glass crushers on the market.

Can Crushers

Similarly, can crushers break down empty cans, which are typically made of aluminium or tin-plated steel – the shards of which can be sharp and cause injuries. Used cans also commonly attract infestations, which crushing them down helps prevent.

Similar to glass crushers, can crushers also make it easier to manage and bag lots of cans. Our Automatic Can Crusher works with just the push of a button, so also redirect manpower and lower the number of collections required to transport a large amount of waste.

Bin Press

A bin press compacts waste in your skip bin, thereby reducing the number of times your waste needs to be collected and saving costs. Bin presses also make it easy to close your skip bins and seal off rubbish, providing better sanitation to the surrounding areas and vermin control.

Our bin presses fit snugly behind large wheelie bins and make sure your bins are not damaged in the process.

Bin Tippers

Bin tippers help remove the ergonomic risks associated with heavy lifting in the workplace, by mechanically lifting and emptying smaller wheelie bins into your larger skip bins with the push of a button. Their vertical structure also ensures they don’t take up too much space!

Shredders & Cutters

Finally, if your workplace produces a large amount of bulky waste, ranging from paper, cardboard, plastics, rubber, copper cable and even organics, then a shredder is just what you need. As the name suggests, shredders and cutters shred down bulky waste items so that it is smaller, finer and easier to bag, helping you transport more waste in just one collection.

Our Cardboard Shredders and Granulators also have the benefit of being light, easy to use and fully recyclable. Our shredders can also handle cardboard.

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