Why Your Business Needs An Industrial Waste Compactor

Why Your Business Needs An Industrial Waste Compactor

Heavy industry comes with an equally heavy waste footprint, so if you have been thinking about buying an industrial waste compactor, you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, ensuring that you have an adequate waste management plan is a legal part of your workplace health and safety compliance, so any machinery that can alleviate the stresses associated with large scale commercial waste is surely a good thing. Industrial businesses suffer from heavier waste loads, different shapes and greater loads than the average business. These waste loads not only often end up in landfill, but also take up precious space in your facilities before it is collected. Speaking of waste collection and removal, this can be a time consuming and expensive process, too. So it’s not surprising that waste compactors are in such high demand because they not only reduce waste, they reduce the need for waste removal services, and help reduce hazards in the workplace. Not convinced? Read on for our full explanation.

Industrial waste compactors help segregate and compact waste

Difficulty fitting waste into limited skip bins and storage areas can result in a lax approach to recycling. In contrast, waste compactors give you an incentive to segregate and sort all of your waste so it can be processed and then neatly compacted. In turn, this will provide you with an opportunity to assess your waste items and sort them according to their destination: landfill, recycling or even re-selling. Many more items than you may realise can be re-sold and re-used, thereby saving you money spent on materials as well as being kinder to the environment. In particular, if your waste includes plastics, wood, cement and industrial materials such as scrap metal, then you should investigate the options available to you in the circular economy. 

In terms of compaction itself, industrial waste compactors make light work of what would otherwise be a very strenuous and difficult task. Compacted waste is also much easier to handle, store and transport, which has flow on benefits to the rest of your business operations, such as saving you space, time and reducing the risk of hazards.

Industrial waste compactors save time

With compaction rates that reach 136 kilograms per hour, commercial waste compactors easily work down large amounts of waste in short amounts of time. This means that waste compactors save you and your employees time and effort, and, if you transport your waste to landfill points and recycling plants yourself, a waste compactor will also reduce the amount of trips you need to take to remove waste from your site. 

Industrial waste compactors remove hazards from the workplace

Large volumes of disorganised waste represents many risks within the workplace, from overflowing and falling objects, to vermin infestations, to fire hazards, additional repairs, poor air quality and other issues. Thankfully, all of these hazards can be minimised with a waste compactor, by allowing your business to easily and securely reduce its waste. It is vital that we appropriately manage waste materials, and waste compactors help us adequately segregate and store waste in a way that is non-hazardous.

Industrial waste compactors save space

The final point, that we have already touched upon, is that waste compactors free up space in your workplace. It goes without saying that rubbish can be bulky, so the more compact it is, the more space you will have, not only across your premises and storage areas but also within your skip bins and the vehicles used for waste management and transport. In fact, our compactors are built to maximise on vertical space and do not require a huge investment of floor space.

NZ’s best waste compactors

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