Steel Gantry Bins

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Steel Gantry Skips For Any Situation

Gantry bins (commonly known as Skips) are used worldwide and all across New Zealand for bulk rubbish disposal and recyclables. Every skip is made to withstand tough treatment and weather conditions; solid-welded, and can be hot-dip galvanised on request. And with an inter-stackable design, your new steel gantry bins can be stacked for space and transport efficiency. We will even abrasive blast and  paint your chosen skip in your company colours upon request.

Gantry skips – the must-have for any NZ construction or Waste company

Our gantry skips are made from a heavy-duty steel construction, stocked in cubic volumes from 3 to 9 metres. Each steel gantry bin comes clean; abrasive-blasted and freshly painted to your specified colour preference with a durable enamel coating, made to withstand the rough-and-tough of an industrial work environment. All gantry skips come with a low end for easy access, bins can be fitted with certified lifting hooks on request,tie-rails for gantry bin covers – perfect for construction sites and inorganic rubbish disposal across NZ.we can also custom build to meet with your requirements.

Tell us what your next project is

Across NZ, we’ve seen people use gantries for all kinds of projects – not just for rubbish disposal. Utilised as swimming pools, gardens, even miniature skateboard half-pipes, these bins are great for any transportable project, whether you’re throwing things away or converting yours into a cool idea. Free phone us today on 0508 474 66 337 or use our contact page to ask us what units best fit your needs.