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MegaDumper is a heavy-duty mobile bin lifter from Simpro, with 600kg capacity and a unique modular design which allows it to empty even the largest commercial bins. The high-speed hydraulic action lifts the bins straight up, then gently rolls them over the lip of the destination receptacle, ensuring stability throughout the tipping cycle.

MegaDumper can be specified with a range of powerpacks, including 3-phase mains, battery, solar and even compressed-air for use in ATEX environments. All models are designed for safety, with full-height guarding, interlocked doors and CAT1 architecture to achieve PLc safety performance; optionally upgraded to CAT3 or CAT4.

With a hot-dip galvanised steel frame and IP55 ingress protection, MegaDumper needs little maintenance and can be used indoors or out. It is made in New Zealand and backed by a two-year warranty.


  • 900-6000mm tipping height
  • 600kg capacity
  • Standard cradles to suit EN840 wheelie bins, Megabins, Nally bins and box pallets (custom cradles available)
  • Battery, 3-phase, 1-phase, solar and compressed-air powerpacks available
  • Duty cycle up to ~10 tonnes per hour
  • Tipping cycle 40~90 seconds
  • CAT1 safety architecture to achieve PLc safety performance (optionally CAT3/CAT4)
  • Service weight 480~800kg
  • Castor wheels or bolt-down lugs
  • 24 month back-to-base factory warranty


Model MD1200 MD1500 MD1800 MD2100 MDXXXX (Custom)
Tipping height ("TH") 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm XXXX mm
Height ("OH") 2940mm 3240mm 3540mm 3840mm XXXX + 1740mm
Weight ~370kg ~400kg ~430kg ~460kg ~XXXX * 0.1 + 250kg
Tipping cycle duration ~46s ~52s ~57s ~63s [XXXX/60+28]s

Additional Information

  • Length: 1592mm door closed / 1842mm door open
  • Width: 1874mm
  • Capacity: 600kg
  • Bin compatibility (Type-E cradle): 1x1100L Wheelie Bin or 1x660L Wheelie Bin or 2x any of the following: 240L Wheelie Bin,120L Wheelie Bin, 80L Wheelie Bin (other cradles available)
  • Bin throw ("BT"): 100mm
  • Electrical specifications (battery model): 4x 12V/20Ah GEL batteries in parallel-series configuration, with 24VDC 0.8kW electric motor drawing up to 60 Amps, and 24VDC control circuit
  • Electrical specifications (3-phase model): 400VAC 50/60hz 3-phase mains powerpack, with 400VAC 1.1kW electric motor drawing up to 3.2 Amps, and 24VDC control circuit
  • User interface: Raise/Lower buttons, key switch, battery indicator, master lockout switch
  • Ingress protection: IP55 (options: IP66, IP69K)
  • Cradle travel speed: 0.2m/s lifting / 0.3m/s lowering
  • Noise level at operator’s ear: ⪅ 60dB(A)
  • Materials: Hot-dip galvanised steel frame, cradle and tipping mechanism, zinc-plated 1.6mm sheetmetal guarding, galvanised and powdercoated steel safety covers
  • Door: Swing-up door with gas strut-assistance and solenoid-operated safety interlocks
  • Mounting: 200mm Resilex castors (options: bolt-down lugs)
  • Applicable Standards and Certifications: AS/NZS4024, AS/NZS3000, ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061, Conformité Européene (CE), EN 349 1993, EN 574 1996+A1:200, EN 953 1997, EN ISO 4413 2010, EN ISO 12100 2010, EN ISO13849-1 2006, EN ISO 13857 2008, EN 60204 2006+A1 2009, EN61000-6-2 2005, EN61000-6-4 2007, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC

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