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Sku: MT1600 Multi-tip Wheelie Bin Tipper.

This size baler is ideal for medium to large volumes of cardboard or plastic with a wide loading aperture for larger cardboard boxes and bale weight up to 150Kgs.

The Multi-Tip is the latest bin-tipping machine on the market, featuring a lightweight and durable new design. This is the ultimate general-purpose tipping machine. Battery power and a small footprint mean the Multi-Tip can be used nearly anywhere. Multi-Tip tippers can empty a wide range of bins weighing up to 150 Kg, at 1600mm high.

With no provision for full-cage guarding, the Multi-Tip can come with the latest safety detection technology with the Personnel Detection System. The PDS will completely immobilise the machine if any personnel should come near the danger area, rendering the machine completely safe.

The PDS operates in a similar fashion to the reversing sensor in a car, using sonar to detect, analyse and take action in respect to the information it receives.


  • 150 Kg capacity
  • The standard cradle is designed for 240 litre MGB wheelie bins.
  • Optional bolt-on spring-loaded catch kits enable 80L, 120L, & 140L bins to be emptied as well.
  • Cradles to suit plastic and steel drums, rectangular bins and many other containers can be simply fitted or exchanged.
  • Multi-Tip bin-tippers are available with 1-phase,3-phase, or battery power packs. Battery-powered tippers have a sealed battery and an industrial quality ‘float’ charger built-in.
  • Both hands are needed to operate the machine.
  • Multi-Tip bin-tippers are designed to be safe to use, with all operating components fully enclosed. This also allows the unit to be operated indoors or outdoors.
  • Multi-Tip bin-tippers require no regular maintenance and are robustly built yet light and easy to move around.
Weight 160kg
Dimensions 65 x 75 x 85 cm


Cradle Design

Designed for 240 litre MGB wheelie bins

Optional bolt on spring loaded catch kits

For 80l, 120l, & 140l bins

Available Cradles

To suit plastic and steel drums, rectangular bins and other containers

Tipping Height

1600 mm

Power Options

1-phase,3-phase, or battery power packs

Operation Requirements

Requires two handed operation for safety