HSM VK4812 Horizontal Auto Tie Baler

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Sku: HSM VK4812
Product: HSM VK4812 Horizontal Auto Tie Baler



HSM VK 4812

For industrial applications with medium material loads, e.g. processing industry, department stores, document shredding facilities,printing and paper industry Suitable for applications with a throughput up to approx. 332 m³ / hour

For materials up to approx. 60 kg/ m³ bulk weight With large loading aperture and higher pressing power Large bales and higher bale weights

Suitable for continuous loading with conveyor belt, air feeding or similar

Operating side can be selected Versatile use, also suitable for special materials (on request)

Control of compression cycle via light barrier High compression and bale weights Integration. 


 Additional Information 
Width  3750 mm
Height  2400 mm 
Weight  10,000 Kg 
Length 7700 mm
Loading aperture width 1020 mm
Pressing power 480 kN
Bale length 600-1200 mm
Bale width 1100 mm
Bale height 750 mm
Driving power 15 kW
Cycle time in idle operation 21,2 s
Specific pressing power 58,2 N/cm²
Number of strappings 4
Strapping material Wire