Plastic Waste Balers

Make your waste management more efficient and eco-friendly through the use of plastic baling machines. Also known as plastic waste compactors, these machines reduce waste storage, pick-up costs and more.

At Pioneer Group, we are proud to supply New Zealand businesses a range of plastic compactor balers. From single-load vertical balers to heavy duty horizontal balers, our machines suit varying requirements. We only source plastic waste baling machines from reputable manufacturers in the country and Europe. Trust that everything we sell offers superior durability, high performance and ease of use. We want you to maximise the power of these machines to reduce carbon footprint and lower your waste disposal costs.

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How to Choose the Right Plastic Baler for Your Business

Plastic compactor machines come in a range of sizes and types. But in general, you can classify them into two categories: vertical and horizontal balers.

Vertical plastic balers

Vertical balers process or compress plastic waste using a vertical downward force. They are widely available, so they typically cost much less than their horizontal counterparts. They are smaller in size, making them ideal where space is limited. Just make sure the area has a lot of extra ceiling height.

Horizontal plastic balers

With horizontal balers, all you need to do is throw the plastic waste into the hopper. Once the hopper is full, a ram from the side will compress waste. The machine will then tie up the bale and eject it from one side.

Often, horizontal balers can handle larger volumes of waste than vertical machines. Their output is often consistent in weight and density, which makes it easier to store in warehouses or recycling centres. Compared to vertical compactors, horizontal balers can be used with conveyor belts, making the loading process more convenient. Though they do require more floor space than vertical compactors, they’ll make easy work of even very large amounts of waste.

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