PPZ - Feeding System

PPZ - Feeding System

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PPZ - Feeding System

Cardboard crushers are ideally suited for shredding large cartons


  • Feeding cardboard crushers are used to crush large cartons and disposable cardboard pallets and to feed them to an auger compactor.
  • Crushers increase the volume throughput of compaction systems and the degree of compaction.

Product Description

Guaranteed powerful performance

The robust steel construction and quality workmanship ensure a long service life and reliability. Two revolving wear-resistant spiked drums or feeder shafts pull the material into the machine and tear it to prepare it for further processing in a compaction system. High-quality components ensure reliable function, low maintenance and quite operation < 65 dB (A). Of course our paints are lead and chromium free, and you can select the colour of your choice.


  • Width: 2310 mm
  • Height: 660 mm
  • Length: 1350 mm


Total Weight: 1450 kg

Additional Information

  • Feeding opening: 1380 x 1220 mm
  • Feeding volume, max: 0.3 m³
  • Rev. per minute: 22 / 5.7 n/min
  • Motor power rating: 9.7 kW
  • Electrical power supply: 3 L / N / PE; 400 V, 50 Hz
PPZ - Feeding System

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Product: PPZ - Feeding System

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