SPN - Auger Compactor
SPN - Auger Compactor
SPN - Auger Compactor

SPN - Auger Compactor

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SPN - Auger Compactor
SPN - Auger Compactor
SPN - Auger Compactor
Auger compactors are designed for pressing recyclables (Cardboard & Soft Plastics) or waste materials or waste materials under extreme pressure into the attached container, and they do it nearly without a sound. The associated crushing and efficient compacting process ensure maximum filling of each container.


  • The conical auger achieves a high degree of
    compaction and thus a very high container
    content weight.
  • The automatic lubrication system reduces the
    maintenance effort, it is resistant to dirt and
    ensures a long service life.
  • The auger prevents any jamming of expansive
  • Material-specific feeding accessories pre-crush
    the materials and prevent materials from bridging.

Product Description

The compact design of the machine affords the minimum footprint, and its selection of various loading options such as bin lifter systems, through-the-wall chutes or any other continuous feeder system can be customised to meet the client's requirements.

The static auger compactor remains at the site. Only the container is hauled away; thus, the use of vehicle's optimum capacity is guaranteed.


Model SPN 11 SPN 15
Length (L) mm 1510 1510
Width without coupling system mm 1620 1620
Height (H) mm 1250 1250
Feeding opening (lxb) mm 1200 x 1380 1200 x 1380
Auger speed n/min 15 15
Rated torque Nm 7015 7200
Machine weight kg 2200 2200
Motor power rating kw 11 15
Electrical power supply 3 L / N / PE; 400 V,50 Hz, 50 A 3 L / N / PE; 400 V,50 Hz, 50 A

Additional Information


Model: SPB 20

  • Content m3: 20
  • Length (L): 4730 mm
  • Width (B): 2420 mm
  • Height (H): 2350mm
  • Machine weight: 2800kg

Model: SPB 30

  • Content m3: 30
  • Length (L): 6540 mm
  • Width (B): 2420mm
  • Height (H): 2500mm
  • Machine weight: 3200kg
SPN - Auger Compactor

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Product: SPN - Auger Compactor

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