PZB - Feeding System

PZB - Feeding System

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PZB - Feeding System
Two shafts, running at different speeds and running in opposite directions, are used to initiate the shredding process of the cardboard shredder type PPZ and PZB. Two motors with different outputs act as drive systems. The bulk of the cardboard is shredded between the two shafts into small pieces. Then it is arranged for further preparation in a compactor. The material throughput reaches an average of 180 m3/hr, depending of material type and feeding version.


  • Cardboard crushers are ideally suited for shredding large cartons
  • Feeding cardboard crushers are used to crush large cartons and disposable cardboard pallets and to feed them to an auger compactor.
  • Crushers increase the volume throughput of compaction systems and the degree of compaction.

Product Description

Guaranteed powerful performance

The robust steel construction and quality workmanship ensure a long service life and reliability. Two revolving wear-resistant spiked drums or feeder shafts pull the material into the machine and tear it to prepare it for further processing in a compaction system. High-quality components ensure reliable function, low maintenance and quite operation < 65 dB (A). Of course our paints are lead and chromium free, and you can select the colour of your choice.


  • Width: 2340 mm
  • Height: 800 mm
  • Length: 1620 mm


Machine Weight: 1350 kg

Additional Information

  • Feeding opening: 1380 x 1500 mm
  • Feeding volume, max: 1.4 m³
  • Rev. per minute: 40 / 9 n/min
  • Motor power rating: 13.2 kW
  • Electrical power supply: 3 L / N / PE; 400 V, 50 Hz
PZB - Feeding System

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Product: PZB - Feeding System

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